Mentality *Sequel To "Slow"*

Mentality *Sequel To "Slow"*

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Sucre By broadwaii Completed

"Will... Will you forget me?"

Concern fills his eyes as we stare deeply into each other's soul. We have children together. We have a life to withhold... 

"No baby... I will never forget you.."

Whether or not this can be kept, I need to insure my sanity..

I need to insure my Mentality.

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Cdiddybitch_ Cdiddybitch_ Mar 19, 2017
Just burnt my how is chris going to maintain without her
Bill Nye The Science Guy, Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Nye The Science Guy 
                              The Only Person That'll Make Science...Interesting, he has the littest theme song too.
phuckyaphotoz phuckyaphotoz Dec 30, 2016
bill nye....another reason why middle school is the lamest thing on planet eartg
_ring_pop15 _ring_pop15 Dec 28, 2016
Noo she have the thing where she can't remember stuff 😭😭😭😭😰😢
phuckyourincometaxes phuckyourincometaxes Sep 28, 2016
I believe she had an injury after she gave birth. This is hurting me to my core 😔.  ❤love the update and then again I don't because the way Katt...Linn is