Her nerdy Alpha

Her nerdy Alpha

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Cipher_Disney By Cipher_Disney Updated Nov 13, 2016

It was twisted. She's the bad one and He is the good one. 

Scarlet was transferred to Grayford Academy where she soon found out that her mate and future Alpha is beyond opposite of what she expected. 
"Nerd" "Book Dork" "Loser" She hated those words and she always finds her way to keep the bullies away. 

I have the sudden move to pin him against the locker, causing attention. Both of us are surprised by my action but I focus on his face. I want to kiss him so badly and mark him. I waited for 18 years and my pack needed their Alpha but I guessed he isn't ready. Not one bit. 

He is a nerd and She is a rebel

Will those mix together in harmony? 
Will her mate will just reject her for their own good?

modern-hypocrite modern-hypocrite Nov 23, 2016
I don't think it would be vice versa... that'd be like if they took turns giving each other rides
Cipher_Disney Cipher_Disney Sep 24, 2016
Wow... Thanks. To be honest, you are the first to comment on my book.... I felt proud... 
                              I'll try to surprise you readers more
- - Oct 02, 2016
This sounds really interresting, the concept of this book. I just really hope it lives up to my expectations!!
Reptile1 Reptile1 Oct 17, 2016
As he hugged ME with his small arms, you put ms  you said comment any errors so that you know
modern-hypocrite modern-hypocrite Nov 23, 2016
*standing by teacher just before he goes down stairs*  
                              "WOW, what, how'd he fall?????"
angiemiramontes12 angiemiramontes12 Dec 31, 2016
*Kenneth is my seven-year old nephew that never wants to let me go