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The Beautiful Bully (Septiplier)

The Beautiful Bully (Septiplier)

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Krazygirl415 By Krazygirl510 Completed

Sean/Jack is a bully victim at his new school. He is depressed and sad. Yet there is one particular bully that catches his eye.  Of course he's a bully, but he's also gorgeous.  His name is Mark.
Mark is a bully.  There is a kid he bullies, his name was Sean, Mark doesn't like bullying him, but he'll get bullied too if he tries to defend him.  But there is this one thing..Mark likes Sean, but he's not sure Sean likes him the same way.
Will love find its way into the boys' hearts? Or will this end in a catastrophe?       


Wtf mark I know that was you .......*whispers under breath*bitch.....
Let that guilt burn inside of you until you become....
                              The ULTIMATE SEPTIPLIER
I have to thank you for spelling Mark's last name right, because I don't really see a lot of stories that have his last name spelled right. I'm not trying to offend anyone who spelled Mark's last name wrong, it's just nice to see that his last name is spelled right for a change.
I honestly love being a loner, I mean i constantly play hookie because id rather be a loner than with other people
Oddiplier Oddiplier Dec 14, 2016
Why is this whole chapter me on my first day at the school I'm going to?
Shancolby Shancolby Feb 09
Actually the term is "man-whore" for boys and jack is not fücking fat like boi fite me