my fake boyfriend [draco malfoy]

my fake boyfriend [draco malfoy]

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"so what do you think is going to happen, draco? we fake date?" 

                            "yes." he said.


the story in which y/n clearwater and draco malfoy make a deal with one another to have a fake relationship for reasons only they know. will things go too far? will other feelings be made? or will it all turn into a complete disaster?

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genesirrr genesirrr Feb 04
First time I read and someone actually puts it in the right order of how Malfoy says it😹
My HP oc comes from a rich family with the name of, "Graines"
Angel_In_Japan Angel_In_Japan 6 days ago
Doesn't the sorting hat sort you by your values. I took the sorting hat on pottermore and it asked me what I valued most, I said knowledge and I got sorted into Ravenclaw.
The last thing a slytherin would want to be in a griffindor. I'm still going to read this anyway only bc Draco winked at me loll
the fact I can recall dracos voice in my head when reading this is iconic and oddly enjoyable?😂
Where’s Hermoime talking about Hogwarts: A History and the fuccing ceiling