my fake boyfriend → draco malfoy

my fake boyfriend → draco malfoy

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"so what do you think is going to happen, draco? we fake date?" 

                            "yes." he said.


the story in which y/n clearwater and draco malfoy make a deal with one another to have a fake relationship for reasons only they know. will things go too far? will other feelings be made? or will it all turn into a complete disaster?

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                              jk still as much pain, but the arm would hurt more im pretty sure
at this point my whole class would burst into laughing, and then my teacher would join in too
‘My name is Draco Malfoy! I am a racist, I hate mudblood and my parents work for the man who killed you partents! Do you want to be my friend?
I am one of they people who's talk is basically a shout and my shout sounds like I'm talking through a microphone so I'm a REALLY loud person
AM I RELATED TO FISH JESUS -..Percy Jackson, I mean. I'm totally calm if I a- I MIGHT BE RELTED TO FISH JESUS
Y/N  swampwater (evil version of us )
                              Y/N holywater (goody two shoes veraion of us)
                              Y/N dirtywater (the  perverted version of us)