Just Give Me A Reason - Zane x Reader MCD [UNDER EDITING]

Just Give Me A Reason - Zane x Reader MCD [UNDER EDITING]

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*I don't own anything, all credit goes to Aphmau.I only own Elina and Luce, that's it*
*after you're done with this book, make sure to go and read the sequel!!!*

I kept running and running, until I couldn't anymore.I layed my head head and back on a tree as I was breathing slowly.I closed my eyes to pick myself together, I quickly opened them when I saw a man with black hair, icy blue eyes and a mask.He told me I will get to live if I join the Jury of Nine, I didn't answer.I couldn't feel that he was pure, he wasn't.All I know that I spat the word fine at his face.

  *1 year later*

  "I will change your heart.I will show you that you're wrong." I said looking in his icy blue eyes.
  "I would like to see you try, it would be quite amusing." he mumbled smirking at me.
  "And I would be glad to show you" I simply replied as I walked out of his room, shutting the door behind me with no more words escaping my lips.
  Will he let me show him the truth or will he just kill me and end this game?

Time will only tell.

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*drinks tea* Zane. Stop stalking me or I will dump tea on you.
                              STOP THE MUSIC
                              WE DO ANYTHING WE WANT
                              ANYTIME WE WANT
                              OH YEAH
                              OH YEAH
                              JUST RIDE
                              RIDE ALL DAY
                              NOT GONNA DO IT ANY OTHER WAY
*plays The Judge*
                              I know my soul’s freezing, hell’s hot for good reason so PLEASE.
                              *song stops*
                              Take your best shot.
FierceScar FierceScar Aug 28
When there's a word katana does it reminds you of coryxkenshin? No? Only me?
Snow Darklight 
                              White hair with Red tips 
                              Red eyes
                              Red and Black
                              Silver Red Armor 
                              Black Cloak Color
Looks through comments.
                              Fine I’ll be the first to say green