Voltron: Imagines

Voltron: Imagines

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Magster_Bakery By Magster_Bakery Updated Aug 21, 2016

This book is just imagines about the Voltron:Legendary Defender characters and the reader (you)! I won't be taking suggestions until I get comfortable writing imagines which I haven't done in five years.... When I decide to I'll let you guys know! In the mean time, enjoy :)

No hardcore smut! Sorry for my lemon-lovers as well, but I'm not about that life. 

Probably no pidge or hunk either until someone suggests it later because they are too innocent and wonderful for that life as well.

Basically just my black, red and blue Paladins for a while :)

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  • lance
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  • lions
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RafaelaFantastic RafaelaFantastic Sep 03, 2017
That was nowhere near a smut. It sounds more like a make out
zee_photography zee_photography May 13, 2017
Shiro: WHAT TEAM?!
                              Pidge, Lance, Hunk: VOLTRON!
                              Keith: WILDCATS!
                              Pidge: ...
                              Hunk: ...
                              Lance: ...
                              Shiro: ...
                              Keith: .... 
                              Keith: ...Uh...Voltron?
emmaw3004 emmaw3004 Apr 18, 2017
                              Go make out with Keith you nut 
                              ( sorry if you don't ship klance)
emmaw3004 emmaw3004 Apr 18, 2017
Me I always do that when I hug my friend it's just they have like a certain cent that comforts me and lets me know they are there and I'm safe with them
CKinzer030 CKinzer030 Jun 22, 2017
                              Keith - " wildcats"
deyi_13 deyi_13 Dec 22, 2017
Okay but is no one gonna ask the question of why did she start crying like she was penetrated for the first time