The Glade ♚ TMR x TW

The Glade ♚ TMR x TW

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After Allison's death and Stiles' disappearance, Scott McCall almost gives up on life. It takes a certain kitsune, old friends returning and a few were-animals to cheer him up enough to at least get by each day without breaking down every five minutes. The pack decides to go on a trip to a beach but everything changes when they are taken by WCKED and thrown into the maze where they meet a familiar teenage boy, but with amnesia and no sarcasm.


If you haven't read or watched TMR and Teen Wolf then I suggest you don't read this because I'm not going into detail on how the glade is run. ;)

Teen Wolf season five hasn't happened but season four has just without Stiles.

Also decided to change it up a bit and instead of making Thomas/Stiles come back home with no memories, I would bring the pack ( newer members + Derek and Isaac, minus Mason ) into the Glade with their memories. I might explain why they were sent in later chapters. But I've been obsessed with TMR x TW crossovers for a while now and thought I would give one a try!

This takes place after Void and Allison's death.

There won't be a pairing with Thomas in this unless otherwise stated, they'll all just ( possibly(; ) be good friends. (Ex. LydiaxThomas, MaliaxThomas, TheresaxThomas, NewtxThomas, any ship with Thomas). Also he will be called Thomas unless by one of the pack members.

DISCLAIMER- I do not own TMR, TW or any of its characters, most/all scenes in this story do not belong to me. This is for fun. Period. End of story.

Cover photo made by @laurellance Arci :)

Enjoy. :D

IdeaBooks IdeaBooks Dec 21, 2016
Thomas: why aren't you one of them?
                              HE ACTUALLY SAID THIS XD (i don't remember if in the book or movie)
IdeaBooks IdeaBooks Dec 21, 2016
                              THOMAS WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THIS
                              ESPECIALLY TO SAID PERSON NEWT