The Glade ♚ TMR x TW

The Glade ♚ TMR x TW

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After Allison's death and Stiles' disappearance, Scott McCall almost gives up on life. It takes a certain kitsune, old friends returning and a few were-animals to cheer him up enough to at least get by each day without breaking down every five minutes. The pack decides to go on a trip to a beach but everything falls apart when they are taken by WCKED and thrown into the maze where they meet a familiar teenage boy, but with amnesia and no sarcasm.


If you haven't read or watched TMR and Teen Wolf then I suggest you don't read this because I'm not going into detail on how the glade is run. ;)

Teen Wolf season five hasn't happened but season four has just without Stiles.

Also decided to change it up a bit and instead of making Thomas/Stiles come back home with no memories, I would bring the pack ( newer members + Derek and Isaac, minus Mason ) into the Glade with their memories. I might explain why they were sent in later chapters. But I've been obsessed with TMR x TW crossovers for a while now and thought I would give one a try!

This takes place after Void and Allison's death.

There won't be a pairing with Thomas in this unless otherwise stated, they'll all just ( possibly(; ) be good friends. (Ex. LydiaxThomas, MaliaxThomas, TheresaxThomas, NewtxThomas, any ship with Thomas). Also he will be called Thomas unless by one of the pack members.

DISCLAIMER- I do not own TMR, TW or any of its characters, most/all scenes in this story do not belong to me. This is for fun. Period. End of story.

Cover photo made by me.

Enjoy. :)

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