The Wolf Runner (maze runner/teen wolf)

The Wolf Runner (maze runner/teen wolf)

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WARNING!!! Do not read if you haven't read the death cure or seen teen wolf season 4!!!

I don't own the maze runner or teen wolf!!!All rights go to James Dashner and Jeff Davis!!! 


(Teen Wolf PoV)

Stiles Stilinski has been missing for 3 years. But one day he appears in Beacon Hills with a new pack of friends claiming that he didn't remember anyone or anything.
Will he get his memories back...


(Maze Runner PoV)

Thomas wakes up in a white room not knowing where he is and definitely not in paradise.
With the help of his friends will he manage to escape WICKED once again...

Set after season 4

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- - Jul 18, 2017
*sees 'stabs newt'*
                              *flips tables*
                              *jumps off building*
                              *violently sobs*
                              And then I finished reading the sentence
Watch. By the time I get off the bus, I'm gonna be shedding tears
Jeez, I'm crying again. Thanks. I just stopped crying over his death
gmohandes gmohandes Apr 05
Woah! First chapter and got a heart attack. This story feels good.
- - Jul 18, 2017
My precious child does not know my other precious babies OMG DX
Aprilunicorn Aprilunicorn Aug 16, 2017
Am I the only one who thinks how awkward it must be for the paramedics to change people? Do they change people who do the families? It always weirdes me out when I think about it...