Living With You (Scomiche)

Living With You (Scomiche)

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offyoupop By offyoupop Updated Dec 23, 2016

Based on the Superfruit Periscope Livestream (02/08/16). 

Mitch mentioned something about moving out during a livestream. Scott didn't seem very happy about it. 

What happened after the livestream ended?

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- - Aug 07, 2016
I love how you were able to pick out this one line and make it into this oneshot/story!!
mitchiescottie mitchiescottie Sep 16, 2016
I think it could be like a 5-10 chapter book so it's not too long and the number of chapters may vary from how long the chapters are
H0rchata_H0ying H0rchata_H0ying Aug 07, 2016
This is really good!! I think it would make a great book! :D
FlameTornado FlameTornado Aug 06, 2016
Continue. *Pulls out gun* NOW! *pulls trigger and confetti comes out* I wan't more! *Runs away before arrested*
GrassiKaplan GrassiKaplan Aug 07, 2016
You should make this a book 'cause I'm already in love with this!
KWuniverse KWuniverse Aug 17, 2018
why do i feel like this is happening now. . .
                              god i hate my brain. . .