Ghost Story | Bellamy Blake [2]

Ghost Story | Bellamy Blake [2]

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"Many became a ghost story, a story I remember every single day."


Ever since the 100 landed on earth, the Grouders have been convinced that they were a treat for them all.

But don't forget that it was the other way around, too.

After Scarlett escaped the camp together with her boyfriend, Bellamy Blake, and her best friend, Finn Collins, the other delinquents have been taken to Mount Weather. They have no idea, until they come back and are welcomed by an ash covered ground and an almost empty drop ship.

They eventually find out and they plot a rescue plan.

And Scarlett? She upgraded to an even more manipulative, caring and sarcastic member of the 100.


I  highly recommend you read book one first before reading this book, if you haven't already. Everything will make more sense when you do!

I only own Scarlett Griffin and her storyline. Don't steal her and her story from me.


[Book 2]

[Book 1: The Ground | Bellamy Blake]

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