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Born to Die » Bellamy Blake [Book One]

Born to Die » Bellamy Blake [Book One]

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tara margaret By cressweIIs Completed

"It's like a hurricane; therefore you can't stop it, you endure it."

        In a post - apocalyptic world, thousands of those apart of the human race continue to reside in a space station called The Ark. A place where several different countries came together to create a place where they can all live in peace until Earth is a safe place to live in once again. With oxygen supply running short, possibly gone within the next four months, there was only one thing left to do; send 100 convicts under the age of eighteen down to the dangerous terrain that is planet Earth.

        Almost everyone aboard The Ark knew about the tale of Octavia Blake, the girl who lived under the floorboards for around sixteen years, but her story pales in comparrison to Olivia Ross', the girl who was ripped away from her family the moment she was born. All because she was a twin.

        It was against the law to have more than one child on The Ark due to supplies available, but after a misdiagnosis, Liv's mother had twins rather than just the expected son. This immediately resulting in her jail sentence.

       Except when Liv finds herself two weeks away from reaching the dreaded age of eighteen, she's soon casted down to Earth along with ninety nine others just like herself.

       Liv knew that this journey would be dangerous, but she never expected to see the one person she had desired to meet most; her twin brother.

[season one]
[book one of the olivia ross series]

-werelion -werelion Jan 13
Ah, there it is. I knew she wouldn't just want to accept death. She'd want to ATLEAST meet her family and get to know them
xxxnoboundariesxxx xxxnoboundariesxxx Aug 02, 2016
I love Lana feel Ray❤️ not gonna lie the title was the main reason I clicked on this story. Of course there's also Bellamy Blake
renardis renardis Mar 09, 2016
It sounds very interesting, im really looking forward to reading this:')
-werelion -werelion Jan 13
Bell is already checking her out and wanting to know her better
-voidstan -voidstan Jan 21
and in this moment I think we can all agree we all fell in love with Bellamy Blake
-werelion -werelion Jan 13
I hate how sad this starts out but at the same time I love it!!