Second Chances ▹ Bellamy Blake

Second Chances ▹ Bellamy Blake

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❝We are the poisoned youth.❞

Secrets can be more valuable than money. They can save a life, or end one. They're just words, but can do more damage than a gun and spread faster than a wild fire. Bad things happen when a promise gets broken; Ended friendships, lost trust, and anger.

Payton Quinn, a far from average girl, sent to the ground supposedly to their death, along with 99 other prisoners from space. Why? Because Earth was destroyed by radiation 97 years ago. But only to find they're not alone. Teamwork, cooperation, and leadership will have to take place to survive. But will past secrets and unresolved conflicts jeopardize her chances at survival? 


Disclaimer: All rights go to CW and Jason Rothenberg. All I own is Payton Quinn.

[Season One]

Cover by @s3cr3tss

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