colours. || KickThePj ||

colours. || KickThePj ||

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bunniesandavengers By girlwhowriteswrongs Completed

Everything about him was bright, his laugh, his smile, the way walk he walked into a room.. 

New text from: Unknown.
Hey Tams.. It's been a while.

{ Not first person. xX }

This is my second Pj Liguori fanfiction!!

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mabelpinnes- mabelpinnes- Aug 20, 2017
Now now,Sophie is a cute human,stop playing with my emotions,if I have one #Danlife4ever
mabelpinnes- mabelpinnes- Aug 20, 2017
I don't know why this reminds me of a scketch where PJ played and the boss gave him and other 2 phones to film interesting things but PJ looked for "topless kickthepj" and...maybe he will do the same here😂
mabelpinnes- mabelpinnes- Aug 20, 2017
I bet Dan said that because...I will do the same,is too early in the morning to go with long words😂
Troophy Troophy Jun 30, 2017
Outside this fanfic, I honestly think they would be adorable together
dolanjpg dolanjpg Sep 06, 2016
I don't ship them at all, I just see Sophie and Pj as brother and sister
ProSmolBean ProSmolBean Jan 27, 2017
I just made my first ever story thingy, please go check it out :)