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troubled (a phanfic)

troubled (a phanfic)

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thisdanosaurisonfire By thisdanosaurisonfire Completed

Super duper cliche phanfiction about Dan and Phil in high school with lots and lots of angst, a considerable amount of fluff and a pinch of smut. 
Hope you enjoy c:  my other stories are on my profile<33

monisnotonfire monisnotonfire Nov 25, 2016
WHY PHILLY?! C'mon, just one little help, and then run like your life depends on it
EpicLollyHappy EpicLollyHappy Jun 26, 2016
For some reason I was reading this with a horse commentator's voice in my head, it ruined the mood.
cliffordisadonut cliffordisadonut Sep 28, 2016
I'm ready, ya'll get ready for dat sass and swearing I'm gonna put in here. Damn
coffeescoff coffeescoff Dec 20, 2016
Seriously in like every single one i read its always dan getting beaten up not phil where are you people finding these majority where phil gets beaten up
Phandisneyismylife Phandisneyismylife Aug 02, 2016
I'm a very emotional/crazy person when it comes to self harm and beatings so get ready for a lot of language sadness and emojis👍🏼
is it just me or does this happen in every fanfic where dan is getting beat up?