Stay? Castiel x Reader

Stay? Castiel x Reader

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Castiel/Jimmy By TheCastiel_ Completed

"Cas?" You call as you look around for your winged friend. The flutter of wings catch you by surprise as your Angel lands in front of you. 

"Cas!" You exclaim noticing the Angel rocking back and forth. You run as he falls to catch him. He is comatose.  
Yanking him on the bed you cover him up and watch him silently sleep.

"What am I going to do with you?" You think out loud.

My nana is named Mary.. oh crap I'm related to the Winchesters 😂
                              DON'T WORRY,
                              ╝╚╝╚╝  ╩     ╩ ❕
witchylove witchylove Jul 03
If my Nana is Sam and Dean then sure she's the one who taught me 😆
I love how she just cracks jokes in the middle of dying
                              This is accurate
Rick_Flag_Lover Rick_Flag_Lover Aug 08, 2016
What? Never seen someone get hurt? Eight seasons with these two almost nine come October and you are surprised someone is hurt? Wow Cas. Wow.
Damn right. You better be falling for me, because I am an angel