Haunted By The Past

Haunted By The Past

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Sakura Haruno had heard nothing else but bad rumors and nasty things about her. What did she do wrong? Is there something wrong with this blessed kunoichi? 

Sasuke Uchiha left Konohagakure. Sakura promised herself that she will get him back, no matter what. She loved him too much to just let go. After exactly two and a half years, Naruto returned from his training. It was about three years when they haven't seen Sasuke. Naruto wasn't the only one who became powerful, but also Sakura. She changed. She was called weak, but now, she will never let them say that again. Never again. 

But as expected, they couldn't get Sasuke back. No matter what. The past haunts Sakura again. It brings her the memories. 

Is she still weak? No, yes, maybe? Is the reason why she can't get Sasuke back is because...she's still weak? Weak like before? Like in the past?

She's.....haunted by the past. 

[[Better than it sounds!!!!!!! I freaking suck on writing descriptions. Never really like writing them lol. Anyway, this is probably pointing on SasuSaku, clear? Enjoy.]]
The date I started this story: May 16, 2014.

Ricarra4444 Ricarra4444 Mar 21
Sweetie maybe it hurts because he stabbed you? Or not it's just a thought!
HutchinsonGirl4Ever HutchinsonGirl4Ever Mar 06, 2015
theres a song called everybody hurts by acril lavigne that like is the perfect song for up to this moment
PBPink PBPink Jun 02, 2014
@XxKeikoSamaxX That means a lot! Thank you for the support! :)))
XxKeikoSamaxX XxKeikoSamaxX Jun 02, 2014
Yes, this introduction pulls people to read it, it's really emotional and strong in a way. 
                              I love how Sakura Haruno speaks in this. 
                              Continue if you please! Arigatou in advance!
PBPink PBPink May 25, 2014
@AkatsukiHime Yea! UNTIL NOW!! >.< On manga, she already developed the Strength of a Hundred Seal :D The thing like Tsunade's. xD And.. thanks!
akatsukihime_7 akatsukihime_7 May 25, 2014
Thos is awesome! Everyone thinks Sakura is weak but she's not! ;3