Prince of Thieves (On temporary hold for major editing)

Prince of Thieves (On temporary hold for major editing)

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An aspiring dreamer By Day_Dreamer18 Updated Sep 29, 2016

After being taken in by the King of Thieves himself, and brought to the kingdom of Nem,  Estelle has been initiated into their infamous ranks. Life seems like a dream come true for the girl from a small mountain village. 

Except for one, little, thing...

The Prince of Thieves.

He is the bane of her existence, the thorn in her aside, the little lost puppy that just won't go away.

She is the illusive treasure, the egg that he just can't crack, the stubborn little She-wolf.

When events take a sudden turn for the worst with the Princess of Telenoir's coronation, things begin to get quite difficult for the Prince of Thieves and his reluctant partner in crime.  

Not only that but a new threat has arrived, the mysterious people in black, the ones who she can't seem to escape from. In reality, or her dreams.

With this new turn of events, the two will have to put aside their differences and work together. They may even realize how much they need each other.

Highest ranking so far: #294  in fantasy 

Amazing cover done by @Element_Time

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Aventadoodlez Aventadoodlez Sep 29, 2016
Is the story will be continued after Chapter 6? I'm so into that Estelle's fighting scene and was hoping if you could continue the story :D
SafflowerFreak SafflowerFreak Oct 03, 2016
Very beautiful cover, intriguing summary and brilliant book title. :)
ImperialSun ImperialSun Sep 29, 2016
An interview with you, or your characters :3...
                              *Me: you like Finn?*
                              *Estelle fled* xD.
                              Btw, I suggest you make a list of fan club members ;). Add me!
Literacy101 Literacy101 Dec 23, 2016
This is cute, and that trailer... *big shiny eyes* THAT TRAILER IS AWESOME
ImperialSun ImperialSun Nov 24, 2016
I didn't know that you were doing all this for your fans...
                              *chuckles* Aww, you're so nice <3.
SafflowerFreak SafflowerFreak Oct 03, 2016
Very nice trailer and map dear. Ooooooh was that a Sherlolly kiss? xD
                              It's so cool that you are doing so much things for your fans, very nice of you dear! :)