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Creepypasta Highschool

Creepypasta Highschool

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😊🔫 By _Evil_Creator_ Updated Apr 01

Welcome to creepypasta school a school for creepypastas and new ones so welcome

Akuma_Kasai Akuma_Kasai Mar 16
Akuma sighs and walks inside, her earbuds blasting music as she walks.
Akuma_Kasai Akuma_Kasai Mar 16
                              Group: Emo/Nerds
                              Height: 5'4
                              Phrase: Welcome to hell~
                              Friends: Jeff, BEN, Sally, Silver
                              Enemies: Lj, Ej, Slender
Ptxmillie Ptxmillie May 29
Killer kat
                              Jeff the killer
                              Her claws and a knife
                              Straight black hair with cat ears and red and blue eyes. Pale skin. She is 5ft10. 
                              Insane , evil
                              Jeff the killer
                              Jeff the killer
                              Im just a sweet kitty so you cant blame me
                              Can turn into full cat and can be invisible
Betina walked into the halls and clears her throat, "HELLO EVERYONE, MY NAME IS BETINA DUST NICE TO MEET YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!!!!!!" and continued walking as if nothing ever happened.
Zero walks  through the  halls on her phone till Jeff bump into  her she grunted  and  got up and continued  walking  to math class
Name Jarvis wolf 
                              Gender: female(tomboy) or male
                              Appearance: moonless crimson sky blue emerald green eyes and purple brown black hazel hair
                              Personality: mix up 
                              Species: fusion
                              Other:  he's a fusion of Vincent Mike Jeremy and Scott 
                              (The rest is a secret to unleash)