The 5 Horsemen~ Jack Wilder Love Story

The 5 Horsemen~ Jack Wilder Love Story

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wildertricks By wildertricks Updated Jun 12, 2017

Five talented magicians receive a card with a symbol and date on it to meet. They become know by the whole world as 'The Five Horsemen'. Does one of the 5 horsemen have a secret and will it ruin her maybe passionate relationship with Jack Wilder...

The introduction just explains how the 5 horsemen were before they were the 5 horsemen...So just read through that then Chapter 1 is where we start to get to the good stuff

The only character that is mine is Haley Prather all others are from the movie. Part of the plot follows the movie so creds go to them but I wrote this story as a fanfic for Now You See Me movie

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