Off The Grid || Jack Wilder [2]

Off The Grid || Jack Wilder [2]

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Everything for the Five Horsemen are falling apart. 

     In the middle of the night, Henley Reeves left without a word.

     They haven't heard from the Eye in over a year, making them second guess their decision in joining. 

     And their continuation in finding Maeve King, a former horsemen, was a fail. Eventually, Dylan discontinued the search.

     They were restless with waiting and being patient for an entire year. 

     Maeve King has been off the grid ever since she disappeared the night of the horsemen's last performance.

     But, slowly Maeve sees her luxurious disappearance come to a close as Dylan Rhodes begs her to come back to perform one last heist with them. One last performance to set the world right. 

     But when that day comes, something happens that none of them expected would happen. The plan becomes compromised and they all have to run. But when they ran, they meet someone along the way. 

     Someone who could jeopardize them all.

    {disclaimer: I do not own Now You See Me 2 or any of the plots or characters in it}


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EmmaSwanJr EmmaSwanJr Aug 07, 2017
*Puts on leather jacket and stands in guard* I'm ready for the feels... *Feels hit me, falls to the ground clutches chest and crawls backward* I CAN'T DO THIS RETREAT.
TheBrightestOfBlues TheBrightestOfBlues Nov 14, 2016
Just finished the one before this literally 2 mins ago
                              Pops neck and cracks nucles//
                              Lez go
cookie_monster-1 cookie_monster-1 Aug 29, 2016
Oh she moved to England *yells halfway across the world* "Jack she moved to England!!" *gets weird looks from people* "what??"
CBM614 CBM614 Nov 06, 2016
Books plane to England completely moves there becomes friends with her is Dylan Rhodes adoptive sister joins the eye persuades her to come back
                              That is what I want to do with my life now
- - Aug 02, 2016
MagconBoys72819 MagconBoys72819 Aug 02, 2016
Hyped update ASAP please are you gonna update like you did for the other one where you do a new chapter every day? Also is this jack and maeve or jack and someone else? 😫😩😂❤️❤️❤️