Dragon Slayer Mating Season (Mostly Nalu)

Dragon Slayer Mating Season (Mostly Nalu)

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DragonQueennn By DragonQueennn Updated Nov 24, 2017

It's that time of year.. The three male dragon slayers in the guild become of age for Mating season! Will Lucy, Levy, and Mira make it through this? What are they gonna do when Lisanna teams up with Zeref's Demons? Will shocking secrets be unleashed? What if E.N.D is awakened? Will everyone be close to death or will a miracle happen.. find out for yourself! 

Main Ships: 

Natsu x Lucy 
Levy x Gajeel
Mirajaine x Laxus 
Juvia x Gray
Erza x Jellal 
Yukino x Sting 
Rouge x Kagura 
Happy x Carla

SunRiserofstars SunRiserofstars Aug 27, 2017
He does he keeps it in for OTHER things u see Lucy u will soob figure it out😏😏
Lil_Miss_Redfox Lil_Miss_Redfox Jul 22, 2017
Me: My baby brother has feelings!
                              Gajeel: I'm only five seconds younger than you!
                              Me: So? You're still my Tsundere little brother...
Kawaii_cake525 Kawaii_cake525 Nov 01, 2017
"never gains weight'
                              My brother....he eats a ton and is still really skinny, but he has a super high metabolism
Best friend: Back at it again with the white vans
                              Me: correction. Back at it again with the dragons fighting
er050603 er050603 Jan 11
I honestly love Gajeel nicknames for Lucy and Levy like Bunny girl and Shrimp are literally amazing
Natsu is me every time someone is having their birthday and I forgot... They'll be like: "hey guess what day it is!" And then I'll just say the day of the week.