Dragon Mating Season

Dragon Mating Season

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It was the week where dragon season would affect our poor dragon slayers of fairytail, for they are influenced in the season too. In dragon season they will find and love their 'mate'.  But it wont be that simple you see, their personalities will switch, change, or enhance. Making it very difficult to control themselves and keep themselves in check.

Dragon slayer couples:
Nalu (natsu x lucy)
Gale (gajeel x levy)
Rowen (romeo x wendy)
Miraxus (Mira x Laxus)
Stingyu (Sting x yukino)
Roka (Rogue x Kagura)

Please enjoy!

ALSO! Fairytail and these characters belong to the one and only Hiro Mashima! I own nothing but the story line and plot!


Yikes uh welp I'll start planning your funeral, do you prefer white or black roses?
Kuro_Pixie Kuro_Pixie Dec 31, 2016
I think Wendy has been playing dress up in Lucy's closet again...
                              I mean really, a whip.
                              Only Lucy could own that 😂
"Don't I ever pop into your mind"
                              "Well I mean we're almost never seen talking to each other in the manga" 
Lucy, child, no offense, but pls think about what you are doing and LEAVE.
I mean, it's cute. But i prefer rock.
                              It's still cute doeeeeee