Being evil

Being evil

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Sad Hoe By bruhh___5555 Updated Aug 09, 2016


Arabella is a kind girl with a loving pack and family. At least that's what people think. They don't see how the pack youth treats the alphas daughter. And Arabella says nothing of it. Arabella loves all. She gives everyone everything she can. But under that sweet exterior is a darkness waiting to be unleashed 

She comes upon a boy. Jasper Collins he's no werewolf like her. But something just as dark. He befriends her. And helps her become herself. Instead of hiding behind the mask she's made for herself. 

But you can't hide what your meant to be. 

Will he help her conceal the darkness within. 

Or unleash it. 

              *contains mature content.* 

                 (Started June 27th 2016)

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