The New Avenger by Supermaxywaxy
The New Avengerby Cheshire Cat
Natasha introduces her childhood friend, y/n to the rest of the avengers and when they see her powers they was her on the team. And the speedster fall in love.
  • hydra
  • powers
  • xreader
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Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfiction ♪COMPLETED & Wattys2016♪ by Dreamz_Big14
Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfictio...by Savanna Miller
#20 in Wattys2016Fanfiction Selena Miller goes to a camp for Summer Break called Camp Rock. Her friend Mitchell is there, and Selena keeps Mitchy's secret safe, 'she's t...
  • nate
  • shane
  • kaitlyn
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bleeding hearts [h.s] by twinkleharryy
bleeding hearts [h.s]by lauren
After a long wait on a transplant list, Lily has finally received her heart. She finds that there are strings attached and is faced with challenges surrounding her relat...
  • fiction
  • dreams
  • featured
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PLAYING THE PLAYER : A Better Player. by Sphynx__
PLAYING THE PLAYER : A Better Play...by Amdagas Aisha A.
Tess Ryder is just the type of girl who'd lay her life for her best friends. So when her friend got played by new badboy; Aidan Martinez,she promised to make him pay...
  • bestfriend
  • fake
  • bad
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Raven's Home ( Booker&Tess❤)  by APPprincess90LOVE
Raven's Home ( Booker&Tess❤) by APPprincess90LOVE
Booker likes Tess and Tess likes Booker, will they end up together. ☺💋😘😍❤
  • booker
  • ravenshome
  • tess
Naia: "De Moi a Toi, Il Ya Qu'un Pas" by oasis_chery
Naia: "De Moi a Toi, Il Ya Qu'un P...by oasis_chery
De l'amour a l'haine il ya q'un point, de la mort a la vie il ya qu'un pas. Venez vivre l'histoire de Naia, entre la bibi, la violence, traversant par les règlements de...
  • amour
  • prison
  • cite
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Employed to A Rockstar by Blue_Flame24
Employed to A Rockstarby Blue_Flame24
Tessa Van Ryck was having a difficult time in New York. Her father was a sergeant in the military and had been deployed for almost two years now. On her own and fresh ou...
  • boss
  • jaxon
  • romance
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Harry's Godfather Or A Deatheater? by GirlyBloxer123
Harry's Godfather Or A Deatheater?by Nave
Is Sirius Black Harry's Godfather, or your every day Deatheater? Find out in this book, as Harry grows older with his friends, and they grow more accustomed to one anoth...
  • weasley
  • harry
  • ốc
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Ravens Home Nia x Tess Fanfiction  by Nathaniel2005
Ravens Home Nia x Tess Fanfiction by Nathaniel Burke
This is a parody and I do not own Ravens Home in any way and all credit goes to the respective owners hope you enjoy
  • tess
  • nia
  • ravenshome
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Being evil  by bruhh___5555
Being evil by Sad Hoe
(BOOK #2 TO ALPHA CAMP) Arabella is a kind girl with a loving pack and family. At least that's what people think. They don't see how the pack youth treats the alphas dau...
  • inappropriate
  • arabella
  • destruction
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Carry Me Home - A LEGEND trilogy (Marie Lu) fanfiction by SydneyFlaire
Carry Me Home - A LEGEND trilogy (...by Sydney Flaire
"Don't you ever fear, because I'll always be your light in the darkness." That's what he told her. Continued with, "Don't leave me." And everything t...
  • after
  • champion
  • dune
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{ Chronique d'une vie réelle }  - AMOUR, GLOIRE ET CITE by blaackwolf_
{ Chronique d'une vie réelle }...by Blaackwolf_
Dalila & Djibril "Petit coeur est tombé sur une bombe..." BLAACKWOLF_
  • blacklove
  • lovefiction
  • tess
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Au cœur du hood - Chronique  by AyaQLF
Au cœur du hood - Chronique by AyaQLF
Venez découvrir mon histoire
  • tess
  • mmz
  • pour
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After Champion (Complete) by sydney111222
After Champion (Complete)by Sydney
Cover made by- @Be_crazy25 After reading the whole Legend series by Marie Lu I was so sad the way the story ending. I wanted to see how June and Day ended up together a...
  • andén
  • fanfiction
  • love
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"Une fille à 2 visages" by PRNCSSKRL
"Une fille à 2 visages"by PRNCSSKRL
Des infos sur moi ? Pas d'soucis ! Alors Moi c'est Aysra beau prénom hein ? Mon nom d'famille ? El magraouï , Ma famille ? J'en ai pas , Oui j'ai 2 faces 2 personnalités...
  • cite
  • sexe
  • renois
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Day Without June : a legend fanfic [COMPLETED] by ry_Chris46
Day Without June : a legend fanfic...by ry_Chris46
What if June and Day NEVER MET? What if Metias was NEVER MURDERED? What if the Security Admins never found out about Metias hacking into deceased civilians' data...
  • story
  • trilogy
  • marielu
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Tess and Booker by lincolnmelcherlover
Tess and Bookerby Maddie Dude
What happens when two friends fall madly in love? "Book stop! That tickels!!!" "Why?" "If I laugh any louder your family will get suspicas."...
  • tess
  • ravenshome
  • booker
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Ravens Home Booker x Tess  by Nathaniel2005
Ravens Home Booker x Tess by Nathaniel Burke
Raven, Nia, Levi and Chelsea go out of town leaving a 15 year old Tess and Booker home alone (This Fanfiction may have some mature topics covered so enjoy) I do not own...
  • wow
  • tess
  • booker
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«Chronique de Nessrine : Mon love à la tess. » by Story2ThugLove
«Chronique de Nessrine : Mon love...by ness💌
Salam wa Aleykoum, Moi c'est Nessrine, 18 ans et Algérienne (on connaît la puissance ) Je vais vous raconter mon quotidien à la tess. ...
  • nessrine
  • love
  • action
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• [ De l'Amour à l'inconnu... ] • by Fionaaaa67
• [ De l'Amour à l'inconnu... ] •by Fionaaaa67
On c'est rencontrer par hasard, mais qui aurai cru que notre histoire irai aussi loin? On s'aimait, on se cherchait mais toute bonne chose a une fin : - "J'ai fais...
  • inconnu
  • thuglove
  • amour
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