Turning Time (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

Turning Time (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

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After the Second Wizarding War, Harry Potter struggles to shake his past. With the help of a mysterious Time-Turner, Harry has the opportunity to travel back to the 70s, meet his parents, get closure.

However, things aren't that simple. What will Harry change in his past, both intentionally and on accident? Will his parents like him? Can he prevent everyone from discovering the secret behind his blue-eyed, light-haired disguise?
Harry discovers how time will turn for Severus and if the lost boy has a chance of being happy and finding love.

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LojyMohamed LojyMohamed May 02
Don't, Harry!! You're doing exactly what Barry did in Flashpoint and it will notttt end up well!!!
chocolate1416 chocolate1416 May 07, 2016
wht happens if sm1 falls for him or if james bcms frnds wid him? wht the hell will hppen to sirius!
bialovelonso bialovelonso Jun 08, 2016
The video had me crying like a baby.. It's even more sad now that Alan Rickman is dead too..
chocolate1416 chocolate1416 May 06, 2016
Gawd the idea is sooooo unique!! I'm excited wht will happen!
loremar96 loremar96 Aug 15, 2016
Great beggining of story . 
                              Harry going to save to Severus too ?
enostervy enostervy Jul 12, 2016
I know someone called Jacob and Someone called Walker there both kids at my school.