Hermione Granger and The Marauders

Hermione Granger and The Marauders

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Hollie Turner By Errol_Turner Completed

Hermione, Fred and George have managed to go back in time further than a anyone has before. 20 years back to be exact and Hermione fears that they'll never be able to return to their time. Hermione goes out of her way to try and find a way back with the help of Lily Evans while Fred and George decide it would be a good idea to help The Marauders with their legendary pranks and maybe even become the fifth and sixth members of The Marauders ...

Will they be able to get home?

Cover by @AvengersGirl410

"I'm loved the first chapter and I've been waiting to read more, it really is fantastic, the characters come to life very well and I like how you have captured Severus at an early age! I couldn't stop reading it, it is really great and I think you captured the essence of the characters perfectly" ~ Anthony Sprouse

"Its beautifully written." ~ Aroohat Haiksh

"it's really great!" ~ Nikita Julie Myrting

"This is amazing, I hooked!" ~ Emily Lidgard

"Awesome!!! More please!!!" ~ Emily Luxton

"Love it :)" ~ Alysa Schwenk

Just rub it in, why dont ya? And while youre at it, tear my heart out and stomp all over it and run it through a grinder and chuck it away, cuz having positive emotions is SO last season.
Nah, they're half-bloods. My mum was kinda scandalous and slept around a bit. Who would have thought?
Hell Yeah Hermione!!! Put that dog in his place... now where's his treat? Hang on 
                              *pulls out red vines, and hands one to Sirius* 
                              Good boy
sad thing is, they would, and they'd only regret it when she saves harry's butt too many times
*walks in corridor*
                              *sees Professor Lupin*
                              Me: PROFESSOR LUPINNNNNNN
                              Lupin: Oh no, not you again!