I'm Back Bitches

I'm Back Bitches

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Samantha C. By sassysam2001 Updated Jan 31

"Bullying is like someone trying to tear your world apart by making fun of you"
~ Anonymous 

 Alexis Jones has been bullied since she was a freshman in high school by the schools Quarterback Blake Staar and his posse and the schools queen bee Lacey Jennings.

One day after having enough she runs away and bumps into a gang and she gets into shape. When she goes back, 2 years later, she's better than ever. Alexis Jones is no longer the shy girl that would always stutter, no now she goes to parties, smokes (for stress) and is hot.

Now that she's back in town Alexis wants to show her bullies what they made her into. And she wants revenge.

P.S. this is my first book so please be patient with it. Thank you, please enjoy. :D

ElbataneMaroua ElbataneMaroua a day ago
where's my gun ?ooh... and my knife collection , I seem to have lost them...
Intoxicater Intoxicater Dec 21, 2016
I actually think a blue would be better than the red. But she looks really nice.
aatinivvinitaa aatinivvinitaa Nov 14, 2016
So many spelling errors... haha its ok but hope it could be fixed