you matter to me (karamatsu x reader)

you matter to me (karamatsu x reader)

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"why do you put on this facade, Kara?"

"because if I don't then nobody will pay attention to me. they don't anyway. I don't matter. I'm not important."

"you matter to me."


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_s0r4_ _s0r4_ Jul 16, 2017
Wait for those that like angst story's (like me and plz mind the autocorrect) 
                              Are we Sadist, Masochist, or both
Celestial-Fawnis Celestial-Fawnis Mar 16, 2017
Mhm.....but if he were real (YUSHHHH MT FUTER BOO) wouldn't he yaknow....kill us if this wasn't real...especially if his brothers read these and then followed him around to make sure he was OK.