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Karamatsu X Reader-You Are the Light in My Life

Karamatsu X Reader-You Are the Light in My Life

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VeeVee By KawaiiShou Completed

You were never very good at making friends. It wasn't that you were an unlikeable person, in fact when most people got to know you they seemed to really enjoy your company. No, the reason you weren't too good at making friends was because you were a huge introvert, and you preferred to stay shut inside, watching anime or something. You weren't always an introvert though. When you were a very little kid your parents died and you grew up with just your grandmother and older sister, though after the death of your parents you were never the same, you were afraid of getting closer to people, simply afraid that they'd be taken away. You are now 20 years old and you are moving to Japan, accompanied by your only family members, where you hope to get away from your old life, a life only filled with staying inside and staying alone. Though the move was your grandmother's idea, you were still a little excited on the inside though you refused to show it. But the little spark of curiosity  would have never prepared you for the one charming man you were about to meet.
This is a female reader x karamatsu fic, though anyone of any gender may read it of course. (It's only female insert because I'm stupid and always forget to add gender neutral inserts)

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