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Split personalities (KARAMATSU ANGST) by KuriyamaShizuPheonix
Split personalities (KARAMATSU ANG...by Shin
Karamatsu is always ignored by his brothers. Most of them want him to change... and by that they regret why they treat their brother different.
♡ Breaking An Innocent's Mind ♡ by Heart_Skull
♡ Breaking An Innocent's Mind ♡by 𝓒𝓻𝔂!
A girl just want a simple life. Maybe have a small time of her life alone,with a pet,or maybe.. one lover. Just one in a life time. But oh,what about- 6. A sextuplets th...
Ichimatsu x Reader [LEMON one-shots]  by ChidoriKitty
Ichimatsu x Reader [LEMON one-shot...by ʚ♡ɞ
Have some smut of the cat-loving Matsu -u- Everything is a series of one-shots so enjoy~ (will update once in a while) Rating: M/18+ Content warning: dirty talk, heavi...
Not Feline Fine [depressed!Ichi x depressed!Reader] by suujimatsu
Not Feline Fine [depressed!Ichi x...by ☆ suuji ☆
!!TW: self-harm, suicide attempts, slight nsfw!! ( she/her ) I'd had enough of trying to please nobody, but then he came along. (cover art by: blargberries on deviantart)
Osomatsu-san Boyfriend Scenerios by Strawchan98
Osomatsu-san Boyfriend Sceneriosby Strawchan98
Reader-chan is a childhood friend of the sextuplets, but when they all ask her out one day, she knows she can only choose one. The story is hard to explain but trust me...
Subject to Study (Naga!Brothers x Reader) by Choose_The_Adventure
Subject to Study (Naga!Brothers x...by Choose_The_Adventure
Assigned to chart and document a remote jungle island, (y/n) has never felt more at home than working on this assignment. As the designated biologist, she's tasked with...
Osomatsu-san x reader One shots by BadEnglishGirl7
Osomatsu-san x reader One shotsby BadEnglishGirl7
I don't own this art neither the characters. If anybody has a problem with the pic or something please tell me. Warning! Shit and all this dumb stuff that is in my head...
osomatsu-san] Sleepover (disaster) Ichimatsu x reader⚠LEMON by mm1tsu
osomatsu-san] Sleepover (disaster)...by 💋
haha another one bc this idea just popped up in my head..enjoy??,,
"Innocence" (Yandere!Choromatsu x Reader) by itchymatsuu
"Innocence" (Yandere!Choromatsu x...by Max
Innocence - noun, lack of guile or corruption; purity. ---- Yeesh, you were really innocent when it came to love and romance. Partly the reason that your ex dumped you f...
A small thing (Matsuno brothers x Little baby sister!Reader) by BadEnglishGirl7
A small thing (Matsuno brothers x...by BadEnglishGirl7
After 3 years of finishing high school, the Matsuno brothers got the news that they get a little sibling. Of course they aren't happy about this, but after a bit talking...
Osomatsu-San x sister! reader ☆ Brothers.. by Counterfight
Osomatsu-San x sister! reader ☆ Br...by 뱁새 🍬
(Y/n) Matsuno. The youngest out of the sextuplets. And the only girl.. Lots of problems are made, but none you can't fix with your kind, true caring personality! ♡ _____...
A God's Bargain (EgyptianGod!Brothers and Reader) by Choose_The_Adventure
A God's Bargain (EgyptianGod!Broth...by Choose_The_Adventure
It had started just like any other day for (y/n): a lazy day start to a long weekend. What she wasn't expecting was a sudden change of scenery. Literally. Now trapped i...
Osomatsu-San x Reader ONE SHOTS by genericpasta
Osomatsu-San x Reader ONE SHOTSby HeyIt'sBagHead
(Requests are CLOSED) A collection of one shots featuring you and your favorite NEETs!!!!! Highest ranking: #1 in Osomatsu-San (May 10, 2018) Cover is mine but the art o...
With Lungs Like Gills (Merman!Brothers x Reader) by Choose_The_Adventure
With Lungs Like Gills (Merman!Brot...by Choose_The_Adventure
(Y/n) is a confident young woman that spends every moment of her free time in the ocean, taking in the ever changing scenes and relaxing on the nearby shores of her favo...
My soulmate from another world? by BadEnglishGirl7
My soulmate from another world?by BadEnglishGirl7
You are the typical reader with a sad past. What a cliche, right? Well, can't be helped. Things gone wrong and you got thrown into the world of Osomatsu-san. What will h...
☓ 𝐏𝐈𝐂𝐊 𝐌𝐄! ; MATSUNO SEXTUPLETS ☓ by daydreamindollie
☓ 𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐔𝐄𝐃 ☓ You were very much a wallflower during high school and are pretty much the same now, even in your twenties. The sextuplets never really noti...
all the things she said. | matsus x reader | by Toffeh
all the things she said. | matsus...by yuii
"Love" stories with horny virgin NEETs. Have fun ♡ (how do I summary???) I don't beta read lol This will contain ♡ fluff ♤smut ♧angst Started: 1. July 2016 ...
Yandere Karamatsu x reader (complete) by user61222
Yandere Karamatsu x reader (comple...by Cutieyuka
( warning Bad English and slow update ) one day y/n meet Karamatsu at the park they started to be friends. Slowly the days keep on pass by Karamatsu fell in love with y...
[Love?]Osomatsu San x Reader (currently under heavy editing) by Dnamgj2
[Love?]Osomatsu San x Reader (curr...by Dnamgj2
Y/n just came back from America because she finished her last year at her university. She's looking for a place to live now, and the only place that she found, well, let...
Kitsune Osomatsu X Reader- Eyes of A Beast by KawaiiShou
Kitsune Osomatsu X Reader- Eyes of...by VeeVee
Your brother has taken care of you your entire life, since your parents passed away when you were young .One day, he decides to move out to the mountains and bring you a...