Fuckboy (phan)

Fuckboy (phan)

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Ro By sourhowell Updated May 07, 2017

"I have a dare for Phil, seduce Daniel Howell." 

"That f-boy? He's homophobic!"

"We can't be sure until we try."

(I literally started writing this sitting on the floor of my schools bathroom before school started)

[tw: abuse]

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BrendonUrie_isbetter BrendonUrie_isbetter Dec 15, 2017
Lol my dad was doing a crossword puzzle and one of the questions was “what is D used as in an emoticon” my brain immediately went to XD, I cringed so hard and my dad asked what was wrong
I’m bi but I’m scared to tell my parents. They’re accepting but I’m worried what they’ll think when one of their kids is lgbt
Phan_tasized Phan_tasized Dec 28, 2017
Georgie is me (but they/them for me)
                              I want your parents where do I get them
were reading Romeo and Juliet  in English and last week I wrote an essay about why they were immature, stupid and impatient just for fun.
Um I want that bedroom (except without the tøp poster, don’t kill me I like them but they aren’t my favorite I’d change it to 5sos, p!atd, or mcr
Who tf is actually shameless enough to not clear their history