(Chanbaek) This is Love?

(Chanbaek) This is Love?

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Byun baekhyun is a Son who is going to be a new heir of Byun company which is Top and richest 1 company in Korea. He has a fiancé whom he loves so much . 

Park chanyeol is just an ordinary poor boy who lives with his Brother, Wu Yi Fan. They lost their parents in accident so two brothers live on their own .

One day, there is an expected meeting of those boys . An expected things are going to be happen.

There's nothing more lovely than you and Chanyeol, my dear. duhh 😂😎
Diva_Bacon Diva_Bacon May 28
Damn...all those things to do...But I mean he can leave his fiancé in the airport...to live there or some sht like that☺️😏
mochibaek mochibaek May 27
Yehet!  I wish this fic to update frequently.  hehe  😁😁 Fighting Authornim 💪💪💪
Diva_Bacon Diva_Bacon May 28
I agree...I mean....Your gonna meet your fiancé after a long time...so unlucky
Diva_Bacon Diva_Bacon May 28
No...*sarcastic voice* he just came to clean the airport up-_-
I love this!!!!! Chanyeol must be so handsome!!! Haha ignore me