Take My Hand (Chanbaek 18+) by osokji
Take My Hand (Chanbaek 18+)by ♡
「 mafia!au 」 /ON - GOING/ baekhyun was lost and waiting to disappear chanyeol found baekhyun and wanted him to live however the only life chanyeol could provide for him...
  • angstwithhappyending
  • parkchanyeol
  • romance
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Lotto ♧ 엑소 by desmadres
Lotto ♧ 엑소by nation's pick
"why don't you bet me your wife?"
  • exordium
  • parkchanyeol
  • ohsehun
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Mr. Cold Guy || Kris Wu by EXO_Forever_12_
Mr. Cold Guy || Kris Wuby EXO_Forever_12_
I pushed her onto the wall. "STOP MAKING ME MAD!!!" *Unedited* (Will edit soon after completing this book)
  • kristoria
  • coldguy
  • fanfan
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Married to an Alien Douchebag (A vkook , taekook story) by Blindstariswild
Married to an Alien Douchebag (A v...by T E A R
Jeon Jungkook The "Geek" Kim Taehyung The "Bad boy" Can they mix together? How will it be like for these total opposite people to, Get married? Can...
  • taehyung
  • kimtaehyung
  • namjoon
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Liberosis || Kim Junmyeon by chanbaeol
Liberosis || Kim Junmyeonby 🌹 b i a n c a 🌹
• c o m p l e t e d • - Liberosis - definition: the desire to care less about things antonym: Kim Junmyeon; a man who cares far too much and even more so when she walked...
  • zhangyixing
  • exo
  • kimjongin
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Orange 🍊 by Eternallyixing
Orange 🍊by Aeri_X
Kris + Lay
  • krislay
  • wuyifan
  • kris
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Life Goes On(KaiSoo Fanfic) [Originally Written By: Zmonster] by DoKimKyungKai
Life Goes On(KaiSoo Fanfic) [Origi...by Closed account
Kyungsoo is your stereotypical nerd, and Kai your stereotypical bully. It can be only obvious that there is tension between the two of them, but will this friction rema...
  • angst
  • exol
  • exo
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instagram. kw. by -jzxat
instagram. kw.by -jzxat
@kriswu commented; you're pretty social media au
  • yifan
  • krisxreader
  • kriswufanfic
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To Make You Run Away From Me (TMY #3) (EXO's Kris' Fanfiction) by FantasticYeoja
To Make You Run Away From Me (TMY...by RChampagne
All Rights Reserved 2016
  • crush
  • exok
  • yifan
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Fifty shades,Darker(Taoris) by CbTaorisApp
Fifty shades,Darker(Taoris)by CbTaorisApp
အေမွာင္ဖုံးလႊမ္းေနတ့ဲ ကမၻာတစ္ခုမွာ ေတြ႕ဆံုခ့ဲရတ့ဲ လူသားတစ္ဦး
  • wuyifan
  • tao
  • fiftyshades
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|| CHAN || 《 Completed 》 by Bernal_XianB
|| CHAN || 《 Completed 》by I_AM_HAPPY
ေကာင္းကင္ ၊ ပင္လယ္ ၊ ေျမျပင္ ၊ တည္႐ွိေနသေရြ႔ ... ၾကယ္ပြင့္ဟာ မဟူရာ ေကာင္းကင္မွာ က်ေနာ့္အတြက္ ေတာက္ပေနခဲ့ေသးရင္ . . . က်ေနာ္တို႔အခ်စ္ ဘယ္ေသာ အခါမွ မေသဆံုးပါ ။ Highest R...
  • parkchanyeol
  • drama
  • boyslove
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The One || exo fanfic  by myeownie
The One || exo fanfic by cygnus
Mary , as serene as any girl could ever be , meets them , as the prophecy says. an exo fanfic ! Currently soft editing !
  • ot12
  • kai
  • kris
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I STILL LOVE YOU [√] EDITING by aisyahrzl
I STILL LOVE YOU [√] EDITINGby aisyahrzl
What happens if one meets their ex after 4 years?
  • kris
  • sonnaeun
  • wattys2018
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Papa, Wo Ai Ni (Kris / Wu Yi Fan fanfiction) by kyle_brown
Papa, Wo Ai Ni (Kris / Wu Yi Fan f...by Kyle Brown
Everything happened after she met the girl. They love each other but... WARNING ⚠: ⚫Not edited. ⚫Grammar error everywhere. ⚫Words error keep appear. Start : 4th June...
  • exo
  • wuyifan
  • fanfiction
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Don't Leave Me / لا تتركني by gallaxy_fanfan
Don't Leave Me / لا تتركنيby ChanChen_ExoL
أوووههه أووووههه الصوت الذي أسمعه لأول مرة صوت الجنس و الإغراء ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ في ليلة هادئة جسد فو...
  • kriswu
  • parkchanyeol
  • exo
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gangsta × byun baekhyun by -winterslilac
gangsta × byun baekhyunby KP🌙
in which a wanted fugative finds love in the daughter of a police chief original published date: 12/26/16 edited: 12/15/17 highest rank: - #8 byun baekhyun
  • kimjongdae
  • kimjunmyeon
  • dokyungsoo
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EXO One Shots by kkam_jongin
EXO One Shotsby Kim Jong In's Wife
This is EXO One Shots! If you have any request, feel free to inbox me. I will try my best to fulfill your requests! ∩ˍ∩ The characters are EXO members. The story plots a...
  • kris
  • sehun
  • kimjongin
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Secrets of the Panda by blackngray
Secrets of the Pandaby blackngray
With feelings kept hidden, Tao tries his best to keep his cool around that special person. But what will happen when that special person approaches him about his feeling...
  • taoris
  • kris
  • wuyifan
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Wolf (EXO) by simoneyydaisies
Wolf (EXO)by ❤️
Love is a peculiar thing. They say love is everyone's greatest weakness yet it can also be one's greatest strength. Jaehee will fall in love with someone or something...
  • tao
  • wolf
  • exo
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✔ Family Goals by janeandyoung
✔ Family Goalsby Hiatus
Kisah kakak beradik yang sudah remaja Johnny, Jennie, dan Mark dan punya orang tua berjiwa muda Kris dan Jessica
  • johnny
  • mark
  • blackpink
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