Regnante [Mafioso Book#1] (#Wattys2017)

Regnante [Mafioso Book#1] (#Wattys2017)

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When you're the most feared and powerful Italian Mafia Boss, you cannot have the world know of your existence or of any personal ties you may have. Otherwise bad things tend to happen, and this man learnt that lesson the hard way. Now, he refuses to allow anyone close to him, much less get anywhere past his cold exterior.

Their story wasn't meant to begin like it did. 

They weren't meant to meet the way they did. 

After all, she was only a university student and he was a ghost. 

Nonexistent, a rumor, a story you told your children at night. 

But when the most unforeseen circumstances causes their paths to cross, not once, not twice, but thrice--an encounter that ends with the vow of discretion and avoidance. They have no choice but to acknowledge they have to stay away before one of them gets hurt. 

Which is exactly what happens. 

This causes another encounter between the two, but this time with a promise of safety and security, because he owes her his life. 


"I say what I mean, and I do what I say." He assured in a low rumbling voice that had her transported back to older times. "And when I say I will keep you safe, believe me that not even a hair on your head will be touched."

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... self preservation skills never fully developed in that one
Sihanna_ Sihanna_ Dec 03
The fact that Vincent is Jensen and the apple pies and coffee 👌
I don't think it's his fault. It's hers. I don't like her behaving unprofessional and blaming others. She's behaving like a kid.
I have a question how do they even have time to compare eye shades ..,.
Okay so im just gonna say this, the word "puttana" sounds like the word "puta" which means "bitch" so ok just to get things straight.
A journalist may be have some determination on writing a story, but there are some lines you need to know that aren't allow to be crossed. 
                              Just saying... Please continue the story