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Irresistible Danger

Irresistible Danger

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Flames Bring a Ton of Ash By AshtonLynne Updated Jan 16

After being caught outside the compound on your own, Negan decides to punish you in the best way possible ;)

This cover was made by the lovely Bloodsen, and you can find her page here:

porchdickjr porchdickjr Jan 11
put an iron to my face i dare you  
                              better yet kill me 
Well thanks for saving me daddy but please don't beat me next
MadhouseImagines MadhouseImagines Nov 03, 2016
He better not be putting no damn iron to my face or I'll make sure he gets to know what it feels like to have Lucille shoved up his ass
manic-mamma manic-mamma Nov 26, 2016
Was just on here uploading my fanfic, and wanted to say hi. As if you didn't know.... you're an awesome writer! ❤️💋👏
Bloodsen Bloodsen Oct 25, 2016
Your writing is so smooth and I love how you incorporated dialogue from the show / comics.
                              Side note: I adore the monologue of ,"this is how I go out, picking berries while fantasizing about a psychopath" ❤❤
porchdickjr porchdickjr Jan 11
i recently got a poster of negan pointing lucille at the camera ( or me whatever ) and it fell down when i left my room so when i came back i cried out "oh no my husband fell" and my moms like "another husband fell?" 
                              whats the point