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Not Just Another Harry Potter

Not Just Another Harry Potter

11.8K Reads 105 Votes 16 Part Story
Cole By ImBlondeBeJelly Updated Jun 17, 2013

Eva Night was a normal girl. She had a best friend who meant the world to her, a brother she despised, and parents who left her alone. All that seemed to change when her parents sent her away to a boarding school... and refused to tell her anything of it. Now she's living the dream, a student in Hogwarts with a life she didn't know over her head, an opportunity to start over, yet huge expectations of the next 'one who lived' to meet.

ImBlondeBeJelly ImBlondeBeJelly Mar 25, 2013
@IlovefredandgeorgeX well, I suggest just reading the rewritten one, the first one is absolutely terrible. It makes me want to cry. (Hence the rewriting lol)
xjessbx xjessbx Mar 25, 2013
Okay I was just wondering wether I should read the first story then the rewritten one or just the rewritten one??
ImBlondeBeJelly ImBlondeBeJelly Mar 21, 2013
                              Or well... I'm trying. It's harder than I thought it was going to be. 
                              I'm on like chapter 4 now.