Sabertooth's Angel

Sabertooth's Angel

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crtolz By DevAngel13 Updated Apr 21, 2017


In the original anime, Lucy's mom passed away and her father was violent. After that, Lucy ran away and join Fairy Tail. But not in this story. Lucy's mother went missing and her father abandoned her in a forest when she was 4 years old. Then, she met Acnologia and her true past are revealed.
In the age of 18, Lucy went to Crocus. While walking around, she found a maroon coloured exceed, who's name is Lector. Lucy save the poor exceed. They became friends and Lucy ended up joining Sabertooth.
Because of her kind and caring attitude, also her apperance and voice, she was given the title of "Sabertooth's Angel".
The name of "Sabertooth's Angel" was inspired by "Sabertooth's Princess".

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MistyGoldflower MistyGoldflower Sep 19, 2017
Flavoured!?? *eats some* yuck it doesn't taste like vanilla strawberry
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Why a sundress 
                              Why not a black vest top, lace Tahiti cover shirt, pink skinny jeans with hems on them and pink and black heels?
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Black and blue are my favorite colors. I hate pink. Don't judge me.
CuteKitty3157 CuteKitty3157 Oct 10, 2017
I don't know I mean something could have changed hi over the years
LilliaMils LilliaMils May 14, 2017
Why does she need a man? There's nothing wrong with having two queens. Although I totes Ship STINGLU girls are equal to buys!
LilliaMils LilliaMils May 14, 2017
Ooooh you're so fancy
                              You already know
                              You're in the fast lane
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