phased-out  ✩  joji miller

phased-out ✩ joji miller

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well fuck i guess By wowjoji Updated May 15

I can't think of a description so just read the story fam it's good I promise

uriecane uriecane Jun 21
I ain't gonna, If I meet Joji you better believe I'm throwing my ass back my nigga
uriecane uriecane Jun 21
I'd let him fist me with a fidget spinner and let it spin inside of me
prettycommon prettycommon Dec 16, 2016
i can imagine max saying it and i'm cringing bc he's so loud and i just
im a biscuit you forgot you made and got left out for like a week
                              and got like super tough
                              but I'll still crumble easily
prettycommon prettycommon Dec 01, 2016
okay but like i've sat here for about 2 minutes trying to figure out what this means like !?!?!?!?
frost_1999 frost_1999 Sep 15, 2016
Heeeeyyyy.... (I know all of you read this in Ian's voice. Fgts)