Forever Yours (A Sasunaru Fanfiction)

Forever Yours (A Sasunaru Fanfiction)

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� � H I K A R U - C H A N� � By Deathfantasy4749 Updated Jul 31

In the city Konoha, a race of hybrids exist. These hybrids are used as pets and slaves to humans. Naruto is a rare nine tailed fox hybrid and gets bought by none other than Sasuke Uchiha. Will Sasuke ever realize that Naruto is more than a pet or will he keep thinking that Naruto is a being lower than him?

We don't own Naruto. But, Chidori wishes she did. Parings: Sasunaru, Itakyuu

                                     ����C H I D O R I - S A M A    W A S    H E R E ����

Did he just say it. Not trying to be rude don't get me wrong I love this book it's just that I'm black and it sometimes bother me when people keep on writing stories about slaves. But like I said don't get me wrong I still love this book. 
                              Just thought I should tell