Forever Yours (A Sasunaru Fanfiction)

Forever Yours (A Sasunaru Fanfiction)

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cнιүυкι By Chiyuki621 Updated Jul 31, 2016

"No matter what, I'll always and forever be yours......"

In the city Konoha, a race of hybrids exist. These hybrids are used as pets and slaves to humans. Naruto is a rare nine tailed fox hybrid and gets bought by none other than Sasuke Uchiha. Will Sasuke ever realize that Naruto is more than a pet or will ego and arrogance be ahead of him.

We don't own Naruto. But, Chidori wishes she did. Parings: Sasunaru, Itakyuu

                                     ����C H I D O R I - S A M A    W A S    H E R E ����

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ForsakenStrange ForsakenStrange 7 days ago
It's already going good since for once Sakura isn't an absolute bitch
^Sound like they’re talking about dolls:
                              Sasuke: Hey Itachi I got that new American Girl doll you have been begging me to get
                              Itachi: OMG you have to show me what it looks like. I’m coming over like right now!
                              Sasuke: OMG YASSS
                              Both: *inhuman girly squeals*
ForsakenStrange ForsakenStrange 7 days ago
Nibba was your brain busy thinking of tomatoes when Orochimaru said specifically to NEVER take the damn collar off?!
Lik fuk I swear ya boi just say Neva take da fukin collar off
                              Sasuke: Led Naruto to my too and took his collar of😐😐😐😒
                              Lik how dum u can be......
                              Fuk man
A tear rolled down my face at innocent. DON’T TAINT HIS INNOCENCE
This lil’ nigga. He specifically said ‘Don’t take the collar off’ and what did he do? He took the motherfucking thing off. How idiotic can one be?