Red String of Fate [ Killua x Reader ]

Red String of Fate [ Killua x Reader ]

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2nd place in HxH Spring Wattys 2017 (I didn't get to open my email to check out the cover because I forgot the password to it :'( )

"Fate will bring you back once again"

Killua Zoldyck, an assassin had a mission in York New. His mission was quite easy if you say so. It is to assasinate a family. But it is not just a normal family, but the strongest assassin in the country. They killed millions of people in their place already and has a large bounty placed on their heads. The Zoldyck family heard about them and planned out carefully before charging to the said place. Killua Zoldyck is the one who was assigned to kill them with his own hands while his brother, Illumi Zoldyck manipulated the albino.

What kind of family is the strongest assassin in the world? Will Killua and his family succeed? Will Killua kill them? Find out and read RED STRING OF FATE.

❗️Warning❗️Crappy chapters ahead❗️So many typos,wrong grammar and there's auto correct that makes some words wrong ❗️

*Meh this story is really cringy tbh XD*

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Imagine killua sleeveless with sweat dripping in hia beautiful face and his sexy biceps- oh I got carried away
kuroiinekoo kuroiinekoo Apr 07, 2017
I am actually a basketball player *^* but volleyball works too~ I wanted to try it becuz of Haikyuu XD
Serenki Serenki Sep 28, 2017
Why must it be Asuna!?  Nu! She was my first anime character I loved ;-; (sao was my first ever anime)
winter5566 winter5566 May 20, 2017
In these two paragraphs there are 3 different anime SAO, hunter x hunter and, OHSHC
Arisa_Zicara Arisa_Zicara Jul 08, 2016
MercedesRodney MercedesRodney Feb 23, 2017
How the hell can the strongest assassins in the world my parents die so quick wtf