Come Back 2 || Suga BTS

Come Back 2 || Suga BTS

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~ XX ~ By mitsu_xx Completed

Telling the continuation of their love story... In "Come Back", It might not be an easy one this time.

Will Mikuni, the black cat, and Yoongi, Suga the idol, really make it in the big world of fan girls and reporters?

Or will Mikuni be set aside for the sake of Yoongi's career?

Let's find out shall we?

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Reminds me of the scene in Beauty and the Beast 
                              Beast : you came back..
                              Belle : of course I did
thewildyowth thewildyowth Apr 25, 2016
I was listening to really depressing music while reading this and it works man
thewildyowth thewildyowth Apr 25, 2016
what if she goes to see this witch right and then she's like MAKE HIM WANT ME AGAIN so then the witch tells her to drink this potion and then she turns into an actual black cat
gioiachennette gioiachennette Apr 25, 2016
I STG WHAT ARE YOU DOING AHNFNFN (I respect your choses tho)