We meet again

We meet again

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lotus7543 By lotus7543 Updated 5 days ago

Meera Maholtra, 22 years old, got a wonderful family living in the U.K. Attending University with her Bestie Sarah. 

BUT of course what happens in every Indian girls' life at least once? Marriage. 

Nice thing to think about, eh? Falling in love with your handsome Prince Charming. Well...


Ajay Krishnan, arrogant,has a caring family etc. Is in 'love' with his friend Samantha. Hmmm... Faced with his parents decision to get him married, might not of been the best idea. 

Arranged marriages are what happens not love marriages mostly in India. Sometimes they turn out horribly and sometimes they turn out sweet. 

What about this one?

Join them in a tale of betrayal, plot twists, love?,maybe divorce and a whole rollercoaster of emotions...

jayhappy jayhappy Nov 24
Nice story..meera shock to know they want her to get married.
daishuu daishuu a day ago
It remainds me of me nd my bro.evn he is 3 yrs elder to me....nd yaaa even I call him Anna!!!!