The Crimson Fox

The Crimson Fox

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mistmoon12 By mistmoon12 Updated Sep 07

"Kitsune" A.K.A Naruto, the greatest leader the ANBU has ever seen, is graceful, silent, and DEADLY, disposing of his enemies in mere seconds. He has killed thousands of enemies in a giant spray of blood, earning the nickname, "The Crimson Fox".  Only the ANBU and the Samdaime Hokage know his true identity. One day the Hokage gives him a mission that requires him to play a child at the Academy. After a year of pretending to be a HAPPY-GO-LUCKY, annoying idiot, Naruto finally drops his mask, well in front of some people anyway.

This is my very first fanfiction, ENJOY~!

(This story was partly inspired by SliverKatana's Behind the Mask:Sliver Blood Fox)

The greatest enemy of any boss, PAPERWORK. Seriously they're like multiplying diseases, not my words but are so true.
I'm just waiting for him to realize he can use Shadow Clone Jutsu ( sorry for the spelling) to do his paperwork for him.
YOU WANT THE PAPERWORK TO DIE?!?!!? then use shadow clones then make them do it for you XD
It is currently 00:18 where I live, and I cannot think straight. How can I guess who's POV this is if I can barely keep my eyes open? But yeah, good author. I like this book. I haven't read it yet but the description is better than most. So I like this book.
Um are you supposed  to be the proffessor? and you have not heard of a certain kage bushin no jutsu???
Use your clone jutsu for God's sake if it were me I would do that or just burn the work or try to " make it disappear" key word " try"