No Regretting Us (ManXMan// lgbt)// #Wattys2016

No Regretting Us (ManXMan// lgbt)// #Wattys2016

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My books are written explicitly for a MATURE AUDIENCE.  There will be some instances/scenes/suggestions of sexual acts and will portray gay relationships between males AND will make allusion of an incestuous relationship between brothers. If you do not enjoy stories of this nature please leave now. I will not condone/defend/accept any sort of attacks on my stories, my characters or myself.

Antonio Gage March is mourning the loss of his father and the end of his one year relationship with his boyfriend after finding him in bed with another man.
He can't do anything about his father because the man is dead, the man who's been his best friend, his hero is gone forever and there is nothing, absolutely nothing he could do to bring him back.
What hurts too is that he can't hate Terry for cheating on him because the way Terry looks at the boy, Gage wishes a man would look at him like that.
Gage is desperate to feel anything other than pain. 
Lexus Jenner is tired of his mother forcing her dreams for him down his throat. The life she wants him to live, a job she wants him to take not once asking him if he wants any of it for himself.

When an opportunity at finding out who his father was comes at him he jumps at it, never mind the man was already dead and buried. 

A chance encounter between Gage and Lexus leaves both men wondering, believing in love at first sight.

Everything seemed to be going in their favor, never mind that they've only known each other for a day and a night. 

That is until Gage's mother drops some news on them that had both men loathing themselves, but can't seem to regret loving each each other.
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This would probably be me if my lover left for work or something. I have to lighten up the mood for myself or I'll cry.
                              I mean I like it...But that's not the point here.
Bored_Rocky Bored_Rocky Jul 12
His dad died and your starting with your bullshït damn bïtch that's an all time low
Zoe_W_01 Zoe_W_01 Aug 10
I actually needed to cry so thanks for giving me a reason!! 😿
Bored_Rocky Bored_Rocky Jul 12
I would have invited him and told him to invite the höe he cheated on then taken petty to whole other level
shoey102 shoey102 Feb 17
I don't know why but the fact that there is no period at the end of the sentences where they are talking.....
                              It's throwing me off