An Indescribable Twine of Love ✔(Love & Baby #1)

An Indescribable Twine of Love ✔(Love & Baby #1)

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The dynamics of a relationship isn't as easy to understand as we consider it. Not everything said means the literal, not everything heard is true. The aspects of a relationship is so intricately woven, that sometimes, even the people involved in it don't realise how deeply they're in it. And what's more surprising is the fact that two people can unknowingly form a relationship, without ever acknowledging it!

Dr. Anushi Vadehra is one woman for whom relationships and love has never been the priority. It is her work that keeps her busy. Despite this, she agrees to marry her parents' choice of guy, completely unaware that one incident would change her life forever, bringing in people she never met before and landing her in situations, she never ever imagined!

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sjadin sjadin Mar 26
Wow, this sounds so intriguing...perfectly written start! 😍
meera_abi meera_abi May 08, 2016
Wow this is a little scary but awesome, nevertheless! Can't wait to read the rest! 😋
palaklovesranbir palaklovesranbir May 01, 2016
I'm extremely excited for this story and am dying to read it, fully. Your every story has got me into a trap, dude. ❤ I love the way you have written this like an 'intense scene' 😍
llrahemina llrahemina Feb 26
Love your stories but i have complain you write in way to much detailed so would nice if you consider it 😄😄
vinidzi vinidzi May 10, 2016
Wohoo heartling this one is so.. exciting and mysterious start, keep up! 👍❤ Level is going high with every book! ;)
sanaarora93 sanaarora93 May 01, 2016
Maulu wow this one sounds amazing
                              I am so excited for the other chapters
                              Who is running?? With a kid?? All these questions are intriguing