Sunday Candy | Larry AU

Sunday Candy | Larry AU

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Buzzin' By BabyBottleLou Updated Aug 18

Church boy! Harry Styles, the son of the priest, stays true to his shy feminine and innocent image that the town holds him to.

But when The Tomlinson's moves to Harry's town, he meets his not so holy and rebellious son Louis Tomlinson. 

Harry takes a liking to the troubled boy and every service gives him some "Sunday Candy" 

 ❁"You gotta move it slowly, Take and eat my body like it's holy. I've been waiting for you for the whole week, I've been praying for you, you're my Sunday, candy"❁

Im aware of the color Cobalt. I wouldnt put something in my writing if i didnt know the meaning. Thank you for your tip, i suppose. But in this justification i described his eyes as such because it's my story, so i can protray him as i would like.
I'm trying to make hot chocolate but I keep getting distracted by this book I love it tho
I Know for fan fictions you want to find words out of the ordinary to describe things.
                              and I mean this not trying to be rude but I just wanted to inform you that Cobalt is a dark blue, unlike Louis' eyes
@pinkmotelstyles see I told you pastel pink room that's Harry for us 💜😊💕