Hades and Persephone {UNDER MAJOR EDITING}

Hades and Persephone {UNDER MAJOR EDITING}

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When the Goddess of Spring had successfully escaped the Underworld, The King of the Dead was determined on finding her.

In order for her to start a new life, Persephone changed her looks and created a mortal name; Jade Collins.

Expecting she'd be far away from the King of the Underworld, she then met a gentleman with a miserable past of his fiancéé leaving him. His name you ask, Nicholas Barnes; Hades' mortal name.

And so when fate gets twisted and undeniably confusing, the Goddess of Spring and the King of the Underworld were clueless about each other's real personality. Nevertheless, they fell in love with each other as a mortal.

Will Hades know that the lady whom he'd been attached to, is the same lady as his queen whom he was finding?

And Will Persephone know that the man whom she'd fallen inlove with, is the same man as his husband whom she loathed so much?

(Ps: I'm too damn lazy to edit this cringy work daily :( You have been warned. If you decide to read still, I very much appreciate that ♡)

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