Valentine's Day One-Shot Collection (Completed!)

Valentine's Day One-Shot Collection (Completed!)

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Alyssa Urbano By AerithSage Completed

A collection of Valentine's Day one-shots from the characters of my novels. Romantic short stories that's designed to make your heart flutter and be filled with love and romance on this special day.

So ladies: grab your blanket, assume a comfortable position and go curl up and read to your heart's content.

FALLING STARS (Hades / Aerith)
	The king and queen of the Underworld revisit one of their favorite places: Artists and Reader's Nook in Paris, France and then spend the rest of the day above the Eiffel Tower.
I GAVE UP A WORLD FOR YOU (Alexander/ Sage)
        There's a grand ceremony in all of Aether. Finally, the High King marries his High Queen in front of the entire realm.
	It's their honeymoon right after they were married. Red lingerie, red silk sheets, red blindfolds. You know the deal.
(other stories to follow: Sage/ Alexander, Eros/Psyche)
        Seth learns of the mortal tradition of Valentine's Day and he brings his queen over so they could both experience the events of this special day.
       Eros and Aidon surprise the secretly married couple for Valentine's Day. It consists of making Aurea's Arabian Nights fantasy come true...
PROMISE ME (Zeus/Hera)
       Hera planned on spending her Valentine's Day alone. But Zeus had other plans in mind and takes her to one of the most romantic cities: Venice.
       It was time someone helped the God of Love in his duties especially since it's Valentine's Day, the busiest time of the year for him. And he has the perfect apprentice in mind along with the idea for a perfect date.

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Darkwing22 Darkwing22 Nov 12, 2017
Aw, I’m almost crying. This is so sweet and the last I will see from her point of view.
Nei-reads Nei-reads May 26, 2017
No biggie, I just created a whole new constellation. I do that whenever I'm bored so.. is cool.
blue_moon871 blue_moon871 May 10, 2018
I'm looking forward for that story. But serious, I'm still waiting for the brother - forgot his name 😅
AshNoran AshNoran Apr 27, 2017
if Aerith was me i would have probably be dead now with 5 heart attacks at once!
ashley_768 ashley_768 Aug 27, 2017
as0sass0in as0sass0in Apr 13, 2017
I need my own Hades !!!!
                              Like one that has like this story's Hades personality 😚