Accidental Love

Accidental Love

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Phoebe Sonia Kadzanja By phoebeliciou Completed

SECOND:: Other, Later, Younger, More recent, Newer, Alternative, Second-best

CHANCE:: Unforeseen, Incidental, Accidental, Unplanned, Unexpected, Unpremeditated, Inadvertent, Unintentional, Unlooked-for, Casual, Fate, Fortune, Opportunity, Risk, Gamble

Charles never met his mate and he knew by the dull ache and empty feeling in his heart that he had lost his mate to death. Now years after, he meets his second mate who has just recently lost his mate in battle. Charles offers to stay around and comfort his mate but his gesture is shot down.

Not knowing what else to do after trying to work things with his mate who keeps ignoring his presence, Charles leaves.

What happens when suddenly his mate comes knocking at his door seeking for a second chance to work things out between them only to find Charles already moved on. 

What will happen to their fate?

Read and find out!!

Warning: ManxMan