Edge of Darkness (Confessions Book 2)

Edge of Darkness (Confessions Book 2)

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topazfairy By topazfairy Updated Jan 12, 2011

Cat Marshall is no longer your average teen. When her mother passed away a series of bizzare and frightening events changed her forever. This time around Cat  must return to school and try to get her life straight. Once again she's pregnant with her child, a child returned by the fallen angel Lucian, a child concieved by another fallen angel. For most teens that would seem like enough problems but for her it's only the beginning. 

Cat still has a mission. She has to save the three friends she killed while possessed by an angel assasin.  Failure is not an option but Cat may not be able to do it alone. She'll need her soulmate Cole's help, but even if she manages to save her friends and have her child, she has to save Cole too. Like her he made a deal with the fallen Lucian and she won't let him lose his soul for her.

Stepping up and doing the right thing is the only thing Cat wants to focus on but even she know's something's coming, something bad. The battle with Victoria isn't over, Cat knows the other fallen are rallying against her in hopes of saving themselves. 

Cat doesn't know if she can save them all but one things certain, she's been gifted with wings this time around and not just the ones on her wrist. When the battle begins she'll be ready but this time to save them all she may have to cross the precipice and step over into "the Edge of Darkness."

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KathiriaRamos KathiriaRamos Mar 30, 2012
Omg I love this story like I couldn't stop reading please upload soon ur an awesome writer c:
topazfairy topazfairy Aug 29, 2010
@CleCleisCool actually I have updated it's just not in a story group yet if you go to my page you'll see it.
tash817 tash817 May 28, 2010
Can't believe i've only just found this, so happy i love it, yet  again the beggining of another amazing book!
Jade4568 Jade4568 May 06, 2010
Love it! It is absolutely amazing! Flora, your writing is so... enchanting and what's the word...enthralling? But anyway, once you read one of your stories, you can't stop and have to continue. I hope you keep writing, your awesome!
topazfairy topazfairy May 04, 2010
@hayley-nicole my guess is four or five. The story I have to tell is really long so it will take a lot of books to tell it.
Nellie13 Nellie13 Apr 28, 2010
This is good! The first book is amazing and I cant wait to read more of this book! I hope your first book gets published!!!! Your very talented!